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Cheap Virtual Private Server plan offer for 2 GB web space, Monthly Bandwidth 25 Gb in only $19.95 /mo. with Root Access, Monthly Bandwidth 25 Gb, MySQL, Cgi, PHP, Unlimited FTP access including Full SSH Access, Admin Control Panel, databases, & more...

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Virtual Private Server 4 GB $40/mo.
Hard Disc Storage Space 4GB
Full Root Access
Monthly Bandwidth 50 Gb 
Data Center in USA  
Host multiple Web sites
Shell Users and Ftp Usres 
Full SSH Access
Virtual Private Server 10 GB $80/mo.
Disk Space 10GB
Monthly Transfer 75 Gb 
Free $50 credit for IDoFind
Full Root Permissions
Unlimted Email Account 
Unlimited Domain Hosting 
Best for resellers  
99.9% Uptime Guarantee  
Annual Pay Discount (10% off)  
Web Hosting Control Panel  

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What is a Virtual Private Server?
VPS is a hosting environment that gives you your own Unix virtual machine. Each VPS is a private and protected area that operates as an independent server.

The VPS allows multiple customers to share the expense of hardware and network connections (and completely eliminate the hassle of maintaining it all) without sacrificing performance or the freedom to run whatever software you choose.

The secret behind VPS is how a single physical server is shared. Even though multiple customers share hardware, they do not share software.

Every VPS has its own complete directory structure and set of dedicated applications (Web server, mail server, etc.). And with VPS v2, each can be rebooted without affecting any other VPS on the physical server.

Fair Share* technology enhances protection and performance

Furthermore, even though hardware is shared, the VPS technology features 'fair share' scheduling of processes, memory, and network, so each VPS receives the resources it deserves.

It's the best defense in preventing any single VPS from abusing shared resources and, ultimately, keeping your website and applications performing consistently.

You would have to purchase a dedicated server for hundreds of dollars per month to match the reliability, security, and flexibility of the VPS.

VPS technology provides an unparalleled level of reliability and security while still offering maximum freedom and flexibility at an affordable price.
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